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  • After you've made a purchase, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours with your delivery date scheduled and confirmed!

  • Microgreen order's with multiple lead-times is not an issue! How your delivery date is calculated is by your orders longest lead-time. Let's say you ordered broccoli which takes 7 days until harvest and radish which takes 10 days, thus the delivery date would be in 10 days. To avoid waiting for your greens in the future subscribe weekly, biweekly or monthly and receive 10% off!  *EXCEPTION - We are growing microgreens on a weekly basis for other  customers, so if there are extra greens available that would fulfill your order your lead-time may be cut in half. 

  • Won't be home? No problem! Please place a cooler with ice outside your door to preserve your fresh product. We're also happy to deliver to your workplace. You will receive delivery updates through text letting you know when we're on our way and once the delivery is completed! Opt-out by leaving a note at checkout.

*Perishable products are delivered locally in food safe temperature-controlled vehicles to ensure maximum freshness and quality.

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